Western Connecticut Wedding, Glamour and Boudoir Photographer


Most of you are probably here because I’m a Wedding, Glamour and Boudoir Photographer located in Western Connecticut very close to the New York Border, but I hope you stick around because I’m an all around interesting person.

I am a mother, and a wife, I am a woman who insists on making my own path in life, whatever is out there to discover I want to be a part of it myself! I love people and I love life! Photographs just seemed like a natural compliment allowing me to preserve memories and moments at first for my loved ones, and myself and now I’m sharing the joy with you!

I really love what I do and while you will come to know that I drink too much coffee, sleep to little and care too much; I hope you’ll come to appreciate me as I am!  I will blog here about my professional business as well as my personal life and I’m a “ What you see is what you get kind of girl” so don’t expect me to sugarcoat it for ya!

I started my journey as a connecticut photographer in the fall of 2006 when my youngest daughter Makana started to sleep thru the night, it was my goal then to get my feet wet so that by the time the girls were in school I could potentially skip going back to corporate America and be more available to my children after school.  I anticipated doing a session or so a month maybe by the time they were in preschool I could call this a part time gig….

Well it has been a far more exciting ride than that, I typically shoot about 3-4 sessions a week these days do a handful of weddings each year, a dozen or so other events and even portrait parties!  I have had as many as 6 people working under the Aurora Photography umbrella at times, and there was a time my children would have told you that my name is Aurora Photography. They will also inform you that their mother is a ROCK STAR and will  happily sell you Aurora Photography as the only place to have your photos taken,  and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I enjoy so many different types of photography but I guess all of them really revolve around people; I love to meet new people learn their stories and see what makes them individually beautiful.  Part of my goal here at Aurora Photography is to take a picture of you where your personality shines thru.  I want my pictures to move you to make you feel something and for you to feel like you know the person I’ve photographed just a little bit.  I particularly enjoy working with people who aren’t afraid to turn up the volume and get a little creative.  I believe that real happiness rests in being comfortable in your own skin and so I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can to achieve that!

In addition to the photography business I do some volunteer work for a couple of very worthy charities, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, and The American Cancer Society.  I believe in Karma and I totally believe that the universe has brought me such tremendous success thus far because I continue to do good for others and put positive energy back out there.

I am currently serving the greater New England area on a regular basis and have traveled as far as Austin TX, and am planning to hit up Nashville this year for some destination sessions!  I enjoy working in CT, NY, MA, RI, NJ and beyond!  I currently offer my services in the following areas:  Weddings, Children, Babies, Maternity, Family, Events, Boudoir, Bands, Promotional, Headshots, Modeling/ Portfolio… and more.

* Member of the Professional Photographers Association
* Member of WPPI
* Area Coordinator and Photographer with the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
* Affiliated Photographer with the American Child Photographers Charity Guild
* Member of Canon Professional Services


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