Fairfield County Wedding Photography

There was a time that I thought about giving up photographing weddings,  I have a couple of young girls and the busy weekends once the girls started attending school full time felt like so much time away from the family, so I took a step back for a year or so to see what I wanted to do.  What I discovered was that I needed some balance but that I absolutely LOVE photographing weddings.  Not everyone these days believes in true love but I suppose I’m an incurable romantic, perhaps that is because I’m lucky enough to be married to my very best friend in the world.  So in order to have my cake and eat it too I decided to limit the number of weddings I take on fully to a small hand full each year, as well as photograph several weddings as a second shooter for my colleagues and friends. (I love photographing with my friends and  they are all super talented).


Below is a sampling of  Wedding Photography they way I do it!


Fairfield County Wedding Photography (available for travel) by Aurora Photography.Fall Promo Blog Stomp_0021 Vintage Truck Wedding Reflection RedTruck Creative Wedding Photo_Western-CT-Wedding-Photographer-Aurora-Photography Rhode Island Wedding Fishing Theme Photography_Western-CT-Wedding-Photographer-Aurora-Photography Fall Promo Blog Stomp_0020 Fall Promo Blog Stomp_0017

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