The Academy

The Academy by Aurora Photography

The Academy by Aurora Photography

What is The Academy?

The Academy is something I (Aurora) have been passionate about since I first began my career in photography over 7 years ago.

Having spent thousands of dollars attending conferences and workshops I know how daunting the ticket price on a class or workshop can be to someone who is just starting out, as well as to amateurs who are just looking to improve their skills as a hobbyist.

With that in mind I created the Academy back in 2008 and began teaching classes and workshops to help everyone from the hobbyist mom right up to the working professional in a variety of areas.

I have 7 plus years of experience in the industry and continuing education to offer to you.

With a proven track record for quality education, and the kind of personality that makes you feel like we’ve been friends for years why would you go anywhere else?


The Academy’s Mission:

The Academy provides a real and fun approach to enhancing and expanding your photographic skill set.Our objective is to be sure you leave our classes

with the knowledge you came in looking for ready to use it to achieve your own photographic goals.


This is not some place you are going to get a fancy formal degree, just a lot of know how. Most everything we do here is in some way shape or form hands on. I like to walk you thru most things so when you leave you really feel like you can confidently do things on your own.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon you after your class is over. I like to keep tabs on my students monitor their progress and comment on their pictures it brings me so much joy to watch them grow as photographers and business owners.


Most of the classes are taught in my home, at the home studio or on location, I like to keep things pretty relaxed and comfortable so you can focus on what you are learning!

(and as some of my students will tell you I love to be in my yoga pants lol!)


Classes are posted when they are scheduled I will be offering a few workshops this fall, and will offer another 6 weeks of digital basics starting in January! (get in touch soon it will fill up quickly!)

Also become a fan of the Academy’s own Facebook page for  new arrivals.


To register for classes please drop us a line at  or use the contact tab on any of our websites or facebook pages and select Academy,and we’ll send you a registration form to get you started!

Why ?

Many of you out there have known me for years, and are not at all surprised to hear I’m teaching. I went to college with the goal of becoming a music teacher, and stopped just shy of my certification with a BA in Music. I wanted to make a difference, but my passionate and assertive nature would clash with the educational system, so I kept looking for the right fit

With the birth of Aurora Photography I knew that this could and would someday be so much more than just a photography business. As my business itself has grown, I’m finding more and more people are interested in tapping into my experiences. And so it seemed like the right time to put on my teachers cap and start to get organized about my efforts to help others succeed.

So, with a dream and a name, come a mission and a vision. I was looking for something that was memorable and catchy to call my latest venture. I thought beyond myself and reflected universally. Research, dedication and destiny led me to a quotation:

I am thrilled to be offering classes in general business, as well as photography specific courses like lighting, posing and even some Photoshop training! I also offer Momtography 101 for all you mom’s out there who would like to gain a better understanding of your camera and DSLR – which is a basic overview on your camera and a walk thru on how to shoot manually and how to troubleshoot some of the most common difficulties when doing so. There are many courses to choose from, but limited space, so act fast and book your spot now!

And with this… another of my dreams slips off the shelf of someday and into fruition… I’m really looking forward to this and I’m excited to share this dream that is working for me … with each of you!

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