Boudior Photography- Sexy, Timeless, Classic

Boudior photography has officially been transformed from over-done makeup and awkward poses to straight-up elegance and female empowerment.  When done properly, Boudior shoots make clients feel like they have never felt before…. beautiful…. confident…. empowered…. gorgeous…. assured…. assertive…. stunning…. glamorous…. elegant and sophisticated.

Your Guide to Boudoir and Glamour Photography

Whether you are getting photos for yourself or a loved one, boudoir and glamour photography can be a fun and sexy way to express yourself.  Photography can be the reassurance on paper, like a mirror, that you are beautiful!  Women come in many shapes, sizes and ages-all unique. But we have one thing in common: We are all gorgeous beings!

Ten Boudoir Photo Ideas to Make your Shoot a Success!

Alright, ladies.  Here it is… the white elephant in the room!  I’m talking about the ‘B’ word.  (No, not that ‘B’ word.)  Boudoir photo ideas. Also known as your man’s wildest dreams come true.  The fact that you are even considering a boudoir shoot would probably make your man salivate at the mouth like Pavlov’s dog if he knew, but we’ll keep it on the hush because these things make awesome surprises.  Best.  Gift.  Ever. 

Creative Boudoir Photo Shoot Ideas and Styles

Since the beginning of photography, photographing women in various stages of undressing has been popular, and in the olden days even illegal.  But the years went by, and with every generation of photographers and women, boudoir photography evolved into what it is today. Boudoir celebrates the female in the most intimate way.

Aurora Photography Provides Boudoir Photography CT

Aurora Photography has been specializing in women’s intimate boudoir photography in CT for years.  Our firm was the first in Fairfield County, CT to offer a fine art approach to boudoir photography and showcase it as a respectable art form.

Aurora Photography Specializes in Boudoir Photography in Hartford, CT

Boudoir photography refers to sexy, classy photos; images of flirtation, sensuality, & romance.  Aurora Photography specializes in boudoir photography in Hartford, CT and throughout the surrounding region.

Top Rated Boudoir Photography; MA and New England

Have you been seeking for photographer to shoot the perfect boudoir photography in MA or New England?  Aurora Photography is a top rated boudoir photographer serving New England.

Boudoir Photography in New York and Beyond

Like most women, I have many roles in life. I am a wife, a mother, and a photographer.  But before all of that, I am a woman.  I understand all the insecurities we women have about ourselves, how we try to hide our bodies, or make excuses for it.  But here’s what I also know: We are truly amazing!

Boudoir Photography Tips to Make Sure Your Shoot is Super Sexy!

Boudoir photography has become very popular with more and more women wanting to experience the sexy side of photography.   Here are seven hot boudoir photography tips from Aurora Photography!

Boudoir Wedding Photography Makes a Great Wedding Gift for Your Groom!

Boudoir photography has been heating up the wedding scene for the past few years and for good reason.  When done right, the shots are the perfect mix of sensuality and simplicity.  This “spicy sweet” aesthetic is indicative of its 18th century French roots, where boudoir referred to a woman’s private dressing and bathing room.

Burlesque Photography Brings Out The Past!

There are so many types of boudoir photography styles; classic, pin-up, glam, vintage.  One of the less talked about styles of boudoir is burlesque photography.  With many forms of art it is difficult to clearly define burlesque photography, but let’s give it a shot!

Classy Boudoir Photography from Aurora Photography

Aurora Photography, located in Bethel, CT, specializes in tasteful, classy boudoir photography. Tasteful boudoir emphasizes simple backgrounds and lighting that highlights the individual rather than what she is wearing.  Classy boudoir photography is not about sexy lingerie, it is about capturing you at your most flattering angle. 

Glam Photography has Come So Far!

Remember those old Glamour Shots from way back when? You know the ones that riddle the Internet with their hilarious big hair, poufy sleeves and attempt at bedroom eyes?  Most included feather boas, silly poses and too much eye makeup to even discuss?  We laugh at these attempt at glam photography now (even those of us that may or may not have partaken….).

Maternity Boudoir Photography Creates Memories of a Magical Time!

A good photographer can capture a lot of things.  A stolen glance from two lovers, the way light softly plays with the highlights of a baby’s hair, the forlorn beauty of a tree dancing in the wind.  If a good photographer meets a bold mom-to-be, the ensuing maternity boudoir photography can be stunning.

Let me Shoot your Photos Boudoir!

Hi! My name is Aurora and I created Aurora Photography in (Insert Year) as a place for women to experience their own unique beauty by offering fine photos boudoir for women who have always wondered just how amazing they could look with all the star treatment that is usually reserved for celebrities.

Tips for Picking the Right Lingerie for your Plus Size Boudoir Photos

Boudoir photography is for every woman no matter her size.  Every woman is sexy and beautiful and our plus size boudoir photos, we will reveal that.  Plus size women are just as sexy as thin women. With good fitting lingerie and the right poses and lighting, we make the most of plus sized curves while minimizing problem areas.  Picking the right lingerie is key to a sexy plus size boudoir photo shoot!

Tasteful Boudoir Photography Produces Timeless Results

Think: Victoria’s Secret classy, but the focus is not your underwear, it’s your eyes, your lips, “that look” you give. This in essence is tasteful boudoir photography.  Here at Aurora Photography, we believe that good boudoir is beautiful and classy!  We like to think OUT with all the negative stereotypes, and IN with tasteful boudoir photography! 

Vintage Boudoir Photos Channel 50’s Hollywood Starlets

Step back into a time of classic Hollywood, movie starlets and classy gentleman with vintage boudoir photos from Aurora Photography.  Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and many others brought “sexy” photography to the forefront during World War II and the 1950’s and were the predecessors to current boudoir styles and have played a large part in making boudoir photography what it is today.

What is Boudoir Photography?

One of most frequently asked questions we hear at Aurora Photography is, what is boudoir photography?  The easy answer is that boudoir photography is a type of glamour photography that celebrates the feminine form.  It is typically shot in lingerie, other revealing or sexy attire, and sometimes even nothing at all with “implied nudity”.

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