Boudior Photography- Sexy, Timeless, Classic


Boudior photography has officially been transformed from over-done makeup and awkward poses to straight-up elegance and female empowerment.  When done properly, Boudior shoots make clients feel like they have never felt before…. beautiful…. confident…. empowered…. gorgeous…. assured…. assertive…. stunning…. glamorous…. elegant and sophisticated.

Why have I begun to offer this type of photos to my clients? I want to show you, the overworked Mom, the workaholic, the housewife that rarely gets out of her sweats, how sexy you really are.  My goal for boudior photos is to help real women see how beautiful they are no matter what size, shape or age. This is much more than taking some suggestive photos. I am on a mission to help women achieve a level of confidence and empowerment they have never experienced by suggesting more than is actually shown, in an elegant and tasteful manner through amazingly sexy and sophisticated boudior photography.

Don’t be nervous!  Each woman is a beautiful being and our boudoir shoots highlight your best features while our experienced boudior photography style helps hide any “problem” areas.  We are skilled professionals with years of boudior experience!

To book a boudior session with New England’s top boudior photographer contact Aurora Photography at (203) 917-4084.


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