What is Boudoir Photography?

what is boudoir photographyOne of most frequently asked questions we hear at Aurora Photography is, what is boudoir photography?  The easy answer is that boudoir photography is a type of glamour photography that celebrates the feminine form.  It is typically shot in lingerie, other revealing or sexy attire, and sometimes even nothing at all with “implied nudity”. Boudoir is an intimate portrait of yourself and can be taken as a gift for your significant other, to celebrate a milestone like weight loss or accomplishment of a goal, or just to give yourself a boost of self confidence and help you see yourself for the beautiful being that you are!

The term “boudoir” comes from the French word for bedroom, although boudoir photography can basically be shot anywhere from a studio setting to the great outdoors to your home.  Basically, anything goes in boudoir photography and the goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere that will allow you to channel you inner diva!

There is a growing trend among women to take boudoir photography either as a gift to themselves or a gift to their significant other.  A good boudoir session gives you a boost in confidence and leaves you feeling beautiful, regardless of your body type.

There is a broad range of boudoir photographer styles.  Some of the most popular styles include glam, pin-up, vintage, burlesque, wedding and more.

To book a boudoir session with New England’s top boudoir photographer contact Aurora Photography today!


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