Boudoir Wedding Photography Makes a Great Wedding Gift for Your Groom!

CT-Boudoir-Photographer-Aurora-Photography._Fairfield-County-CT-Wedding-Photographer-Aurora-PhotographyBoudoir photography has been heating up the wedding scene for the past few years and for good reason.  When done right, the shots are the perfect mix of sensuality and simplicity.  This “spicy sweet” aesthetic is indicative of its 18th century French roots, where boudoir referred to a woman’s private dressing and bathing room.  Three centuries later, something that was once so private is emerging as mainstream art.  And in many ways, the concept of privacy remains intact.  That’s the charm of boudoir wedding photography.  After a photo shoot, many brides only share the photos with their future spouse as a wedding gift.  It becomes a beautiful, sexy secret between lovers.
Many people who previously thought of boudoir photos as taboo are convinced otherwise once they see the elegance that’s captured in each shot.  Every woman is a photo waiting to happen, a star waiting to be discovered.  The right kinds of boudoir wedding photos are worlds apart from the taboo shots that have popped up throughout the mainstream boudoir photography scene.  That’s really where the negative connotation lies.  A true boudoir session is very collaborative, and should result in magazine and museum quality work.  To learn more about boudoir wedding photography or to schedule your boudoir wedding photography session contact Aurora Photography at (203) 917-4084.



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