Glam Photography has Come So Far!

Glam PhotographyRemember those old Glamour Shots from way back when? You know the ones that riddle the Internet with their hilarious big hair, poufy sleeves and attempt at bedroom eyes?  Most included feather boas, silly poses and too much eye makeup to even discuss?  We laugh at these attempt at glam photography now (even those of us that may or may not have partaken….).

You may still be able to find a glamour studio at your local mall that will recreate something similar to this glam “throwback”, but in today’s world, glam photography has taken on a new roll.  Today, it’s all about thoughtful fashion choices, impeccable makeup and gorgeous hair (that hasn’t been attacked by hair spray or a teasing wand).

What you wear is really important.  This is a glam photography shoot, after all!  As a rule of thumb when choosing outfits for your shoot include having a pop (or two) of color, incorporating graphic patterns into your glam look and infusing texture like flowing fabrics, shiny leather, starchy jean jackets, fuzzy faux fur, when possible.

Our glam photography sessions will make you feel like a star!  To learn more about booking a glam photography session with Aurora Photography contact us by email at or by calling (203) 917-4084.

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