Maternity Boudoir Photography Creates Memories of a Magical Time!

Maternity Boudoir PhotographyA good photographer can capture a lot of things.  A stolen glance from two lovers, the way light softly plays with the highlights of a baby’s hair, the forlorn beauty of a tree dancing in the wind.  If a good photographer meets a bold mom-to-be, the ensuing maternity boudoir photography can be stunning.

Maternity photography has been pretty traditional for a long time.  You all know the shots I’m talking about, mom with hands on tummy, dad with hands on tummy, dad holding mom from behind with hands on tummy, etc.  Those photos are fine, and are wonderful mementos of a beautiful time.

One thing I’ve noticed doesn’t get photographed a lot is the natural sexiness that comes from being pregnant.  For sure pregnancy can occasionally make you feel less-than-alluring, but with the right lighting, the right photographer, and the right mama…RAWRRRRR.

Even if you’re not the type of person who would frame one of these maternity boudoir photography shots to hang above the mantle, what better way to remind yourself of your amazing body during pregnancy?  To learn more about maternity boudoir photography or to book your maternity boudoir photography contact Aurora Photography at or by phone at (203) 917-4084.


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