Tasteful Boudoir Photography Produces Timeless Results

tasteful boudoir photographyThink: Victoria’s Secret classy, but the focus is not your underwear, it’s your eyes, your lips, “that look” you give. This in essence is tasteful boudoir photography.  Here at Aurora Photography, we believe that good boudoir is beautiful and classy!  We like to think OUT with all the negative stereotypes, and IN with tasteful boudoir photography!  Everything you see on this website is extremely representative of the kinds of images you will receive from your session- and we think that every woman in these photos is as (if not more) beautiful as a pro model.

The Truth about Boudoir

In truth, pro models are just everyday women with access a beautiful location, knowledge of posing and a talented photographer. That is exactly what we provide every one of our clients with here at Aurora Photography!  Contrary to what you might assume boudoir sessions are relaxed and fun!  In fact, we laugh the whole time.  We’re silly and playful, which we believe is key to getting our clients to relax, have fun, and let their personality out.  Our goal is that when you first view your finished photos, you are blown away by your images.  We’ve had clients say they’ve never seen themselves more beautiful.  And it’s true!  We are extremely accurate with our angles of shooting, and direction of light to photograph you in the most beautiful, flattering way possible.

But What Do I Wear For a Boudoir Shoot?

We take many tasteful boudoir shots in black and white, which focuses the viewer on the important parts of the picture.  We also love taking photos of special, personal touches during your session.  If your husband loves a football team, then bring his favorite team jersey; they make for great photos!  If he’s in the military, bring dog tags.  You’ll see many of our favorite shots and ideas in the gallery, but we are always experimenting with different boudoir setups and custom ideas.  Bring your best ideas and we’ll produce our best photos.

To book your next tasteful boudoir photography shoot with Aurora Photography, contact us at (203) 917-4084.


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