Tips for Picking the Right Lingerie for your Plus Size Boudoir Photos

Plus Size Boudoir PhotosBoudoir photography is for every woman no matter her size.  Every woman is sexy and beautiful and our plus size boudoir photos, we will reveal that.  Plus size women are just as sexy as thin women. With good fitting lingerie and the right poses and lighting, we make the most of plus sized curves while minimizing problem areas.  Picking the right lingerie is key to a sexy plus size boudoir photo shoot!

Tips for Picking the Right Lingerie:

  • Silk or satin lingerie that glides over your curves is a wonderful choice; avoid stretchy cottons and small printed patterns.
  • If you have a tummy, do NOT choose lingerie that is see-through in the tummy area.
  • Choose lingerie with a lot of structure like a corset.  It is very flattering and will make you look slimmer.
  • Be sure to try on your lingerie before your shoot.  If your lingerie doesn’t fit properly, especially if it is too tight, there is not much we can do to hide that.
  • Bras should support around the rib cage so that your bra straps won’t have to be so tight that they are pushing into your shoulders and causing bulges.
  • Panties should also fit so they aren’t pressing into your skin.
  • High-heeled shoes are wonderful for elongating your legs which will make them look thinner.  They will also improve your posture in standing poses.
  • Bring a matching robe/cover or shawl we can use to cover arms or drape over problem areas. This will artfully give you coverage while still showing lots of skin.

To book your plus size boudoir photo shoot contact Aurora Photography today!  You can reach us by emailing or calling (203) 917-4084.

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