Boudoir Body Challenge Day 4:

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I am totally rocking the Gym I grow to love being there more every day how do I forget how much good it does my brain to get out of the house and away from everyone and everything for an hour or so and be alone with my favorite jams and my thoughts.  For an hour no one is going to call, I will not be returning e-mails, no facebook or twitter, no child pulling on my clothing or tapping me in the arm asking me for their 5th snack of the day…  for just a little while I can think about anything I want to, my heart pounds and I sweat out the days anxieties, it’s just me and my thoughts.  With the crazy hustle and bustle of my daily life, it has become so easy to forget myself, to fail to treat myself with the same care that I take with others.  I know better, and yet I seem to forget so easily, or make excuses for not taking care of myself.

Four days into my personal 30 day challenge and I’m feeling really great about myself.  I’m really kicking it into high gear at the gym and while I’m a little sore in all the places I should be I feel good. I even think I’m sleeping  more restfully!!  I’m journaling my food using the tried and true Weight Watchers e-tools, and making  a conscious effort to eat breakfast before 3pm and get my meals moved to normal hours.  And  I’m working really hard to drink lots of water!

That brings me to the point of my post for those of you following along with us today I’d like to add the water portion to the challenge:  ok so here’s the plan you should take your body weight and divide it in half, that is the number of ounces of water a day you should aim to drink at a minimum.  See you in a couple more days glad to see some of you doing so well, some of you need to shake off the excuses and get in the game here!!!

Todays photo inspiration…  This beautiful midsection belongs to a 33 year old woman who has two children =)  who says she does roughly 300 crunches a day =)  I salute you girl and I will dream of having abs that look half as good again one day =)IMG_4015-Edit

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