Engagement Photo Ideas that Take the Cake!


It’s not enough today for couples in their 20s and early 30s to sit, heads touching, posing for a close-cropped photo to appear in the hometown paper.  Newly engaged couples are looking for the latest and greatest in trendy engagement photo ideas with more and more couples documenting their togetherness in magazine-style, multiple-location shoots involving several outfits, props and sometimes pets.

Today’s engagement photos are meant to be shared, in the paper, yes, but also on Facebook, personal blogs, a couple’s wedding blog, style blogs and magazine websites.  Some photographers even offer iPad-friendly cropping and pricing.

Couples often use these photos for save-the-date cards, gifts and wedding decor, affixing them to Hersey’s Kisses, to the front of the cake, or to personalized mugs, mouse pads and magnets.

The trend started about two years ago and spread like wildfire as blogs featured breathtakingly cute couples eating cotton candy at state fairs, strolling ocean piers, frolicking in autumnal forests and looking edgy in neon-lit alleys, always color-coordinating with each other and their settings.

These shoots do not capture the magical “She-said-yes” moment.  Instead, engagement shoots document the act of being in love, “private” moments set-designed for public consumption. Here are a few great engagement photo ideas:

Landmarks: New York’s Central Park, Sedona’s gorgeous red rocks, Chicago’s Millennium Park.

Hand-held props: Mini heart tchotchkes (hearts in focus, couple fuzzy). “No. 1 Fan” foam fingers. Puppies.

Balloons: A jumbo red one. A bunch of pink ones. They are ubiquitous; a world taken over by a 6-year-old’s birthday party.

Props: Fake mustaches. Silly hats. Love signs. Sign showing wedding date.

Cutesy settings: Candy shops. Carnivals. Old-timey barns. Toy stores. Particularly colorful bodegas or storefronts.

To learn more about unique engagement photo ideas and to work with one of Connecticut’s top engagement and wedding photographers, contact Aurora Photography at (203) 901-4084.

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