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I want to share with you today a little secret, as a Fairfield County Boudoir Photographer I see many women in various shapes and sizes, colors, and sexual orientations.  I see women who think nothing but a set of pearls and heels is sexy and others who think a boy short and wife beater is the sexist thing they can wear.  In the end it’s not what they are wearing but the freeing feeling of accepting themselves as beautiful creatures that makes all the difference.  Here’s the secret:



The hard part is quieting the little voices of self-doubt and loathing that we are all too complacent with letting into our heads.  What if I told you that it was ok to believe you are beautiful right now, just as you are?  Stop spending your days waiting on a someday or an ideal to accept yourself and walk tall in the enjoyment that comes from celebrating yourself for exactly who you are at this very minute, do it now, do it because you can and you deserve it.

I’ve spent some time putting my thoughts to paper about why I do this and why I chose the #getnekkid hashtag as my new calling card.

Read about the #getnekkid movement The Getnekkid Movement


If you pay close attention you’ll find a link to my story in there as well, bring a box of tissues ladies cause I let it all hang out.  Being a woman is not an easy thing, but if we can remember our own struggles and show one another a little latitude and kindness perhaps we can ease the burden for the next group of women behind us.  It is time for a movement among women, a movement toward self-acceptance, a movement toward self-love, and self-care, a movement toward solidarity.  I shared my story for every woman out there who has ever felt less than beautiful, for every woman who has ever asked herself is this all there is, and hoped for something more.  I was a pretty fairly popular girl, and I think my story might just surprise you.

It’s time for all women to #feelbeautiful, join the #getnekkid movement and spread the word today!


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