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Then she went into her most secret room — no one else was allowed inside — and she made a poisoned, poisoned apple. From the outside it was beautiful, white with red cheeks, and anyone who saw it would want it. But anyone who might eat a little piece of it would died. Then, coloring her face, she disguised herself as a peasant woman, and thus went across the seven mountains to the seven dwarfs. She knocked on the door.

Snow-White stuck her head out the window and said, “I am not allowed to let anyone in. The dwarfs have forbidden me to do so.”

“That is all right with me,” answered the peasant woman. “I’ll easily get rid of my apples. Here, I’ll give you one of them.”

“No,” said Snow-White, “I cannot accept anything.”

“Are you afraid of poison?” asked the old woman. “Look, I’ll cut the apple in two. You eat the red half, and I shall eat the white half.”

Now the apple had been so artfully made that only the red half was poisoned. Snow-White longed for the beautiful apple, and when she saw that the peasant woman was eating part of it she could no longer resist, and she stuck her hand out and took the poisoned half. She barely had a bite in her mouth when she fell to the ground dead.

The queen looked at her with a gruesome stare, laughed loudly, and said, “White as snow, red as blood, black as ebony wood! This time the dwarfs cannot awaken you.”

Back at home she asked her mirror:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is fairest of all?It finally answered:

You, my queen, are fairest of all.Then her envious heart was at rest, as well as an envious heart can be at rest.

~Excerpt from Little Snow White by The Brothers Grimm


It has long been time to do something for myself, something to get the creative juices flowing.  So one perfectly arctic snowy evening we grabbed what we had around my house and threw together a little photo shoot (ok I might have quickly run to the grocery store and to the craft store for a few items but this whole photo shoot was constructed for under $30 in materials everything else I already owned or borrowed from a neighbor).  I hope you enjoy what is the first of what will be a series a little personal project I’ve taken on that was inspired by a personal project my friend and Connecticut Wedding Photographer  Marisa Balletti-Lavoie of Sassy Mouth Photography!  Once I made the decision to commit my resources to being a Fairfield County Boudoir Photographer more exclusively I wanted to crank up the volume and do some fun stuff I’d probably never get asked to do for a client!


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Snow White's Evil Queen - Sexy

Snow White’s Evil Queen – Sexy



 Lips red as blood, hair black as night, bring me your heart, my dear, dear Snow White.




C22C4264 2_Fairfield-County-CT-Boudoir-Photographer-Aurora-Photography

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