Fall Family Fun Contest- get your crazy on….

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Ok… so here it is…

I am ready for fun, not just a little bit but some serious crazy full on Laugh till your sides hurt fun…

So what do you get if you tickle my funny bone… you get the session you designed for some full on family fun…

ohh ohh… how do I win… pick me pick me…..

ok so here is what I want you to do……

I want your most creative idea for a Family Fun Session.  My favorite family pictures are centered around an activity, when we are doing things together the nature of our family seems to spring from all around us and we forget ourselves into the moment.  So I want you to think up a theme… and an activity where silliness is the goal, I mean it I want us to all laugh until it hurts!  Ok here’s the real homework part get out some crayons and construction paper etc… and show me  your idea in 1-5 images, don’t worry I’m not going to judge your photographic skills…. This is just about a little good old fashioned family fun so get the kids and the spouse in on the planning and show me what you got!   Think about your own family and what you have the most fun doing together… (In my house this is where the children hide and beg Mommy and daddy to walk around with a blanket on our head playing hide and seek and being the Monster.)  Foolishness is totally acceptable and is in fact encouraged it’s all about making memories!!  You can resubmit entries as the creative juices get going but your final entry must be in by Midnight on the 7th!

Send your entries to news@aurora-photography.net

Subject:   Fall Family Fun

DEADLINE: Saturday November 7th.

WINNER will be announced: Saturday November 14th.

Details: you get a FREE session!! and if you  are out of state here’s the rub… if your idea is good enough to win and you are within a 2.5 hour drive of me I will come on out and do it at your place!  Beyond that you are all welcome to enter but you’ll have to come to me or pray I have a reason to visit your are in the not too distant future…  (no worries people I am planning on doing a lot more traveling as time goes on!)

So go forth and bring on the Ridiculousness I’m excited to see what creative things you all can come up with!…

This is how we wrapped up our Mommy and girls makover like ballerinas day… with a bubble bath and some runny mascara… ohhhhh Makana… it’s so very Makana.. ironic and fititng that Makana looks like a hott mess while Kalea kept her makeup intact =)


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  1. Such a great idea! So excited for the lucky family!

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