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So are you freaking our right now, what… wait… I thought you were only doing Boudoir and Weddings now Aurora?   Well as a mainstay of my business I am and if you’ll notice there is no place on the main site for Fall Family Portraits, yet still I do offer them a couple times of year and even have a beautiful pricing brochure for my Fall Family Photography Pricing Special.




I continue to offer Family Portraits in the fall for a couple of reasons:

Fall-family-photography-aurora-photography-CT_0012 Fall-family-photography-aurora-photography-CT_0011

The first is simple it’s the most beautiful time of the year to live in New England, and fall is my absolute favorite season, it’s football season, the foliage is stunning the light is amazing and I want to spend every beautiful sunny fall afternoon outside in the crisp air drinking pumpkin spiced something!


The Second reason that I am still offering family portraits is because as I gain life experience, I realize how important it is to drink this in and celebrate our family each year. When I was new to the business, I read an article about the psychology behind portraits in the home and children’s sense of place and esteem in their family.  The article said that seeing photographs of themselves displayed in our homes increases a child’s sense of value and that family photos increased their sense of belonging.  Now I have no idea if there was a study done to prove this but when I read the article it made sense to me.  In my own home I proudly display 24×36 Canvas of my children and  an 18×24 Canvas of my husband and I.  As I write this I’m realizing, wow now look at that message I have sent right there, each child’s photo is larger than the one of my husband and myself individually but they are all hung the same 24 inch height.  Suddenly I’m thinking we need a huge picture of my husband and myself before these girls of mine become teenagers!

Fall-family-photography-aurora-photography-CT_0010 Fall-family-photography-aurora-photography-CT_0009 Fall-family-photography-aurora-photography-CT_0008

While my favorite things to photograph are women, and weddings I really enjoy watching families celebrate one another and so each fall I will continue to offer a special so that I can have all the things I enjoy most; fall afternoons spent in the sun watching women at their most beautiful interacting with their families.


I have some handy dandy guides to help you decide what to wear for your fall family portraits, and even some spectacular discounts on wall art.  Both the Fall Mini, and the Fall Deluxe come with Digital Images and a print release.  Please click the button below to receive my Fall Family Pricing Special.

Fall-family-photography-aurora-photography-CT_0007 Fall-family-photography-aurora-photography-CT_0005

Visit my Pinterest board for fall fashion inspiration and always feel free to ask once you book I also send you a guide to being sure you’re well dressed for your portraits, and if you are the kind of family that likes to make a statement and go against the grain I’m ok with that too!  I think everyone should rock their own style my goal is simply to help you do that in your most flattering way!


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Fall Pricing Flyer

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