#getnekkid | A Women’s Movement

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For generations, women have struggled to fit into what others deem as sexy. Sexy goes beyond a size, a measurement and a weight. Sexy is a confidence in yourself, not what others believe you should be. Sexy is about accepting our imperfections and celebrating them, they are that makes us unique. It’s what makes us different that makes us ourselves and no less. Life has taken me from being tightly wrapped in a size five, to loosely draped in a size eighteen, and all places in between. To be blessed with children, I sacrificed my figure and although I may miss the body I once had, when I look in the mirror today I don’t feel any less beautiful, or sexy than I did years ago.  If anything I’m more confident of who I am now.  Life and time have made me who I am today, and that woman is beautiful inside and out.

I believe that deep down we all want to feel beautiful.


Beautiful boudoir photography courtesy of OWN Boudoir of Atlanta, Georgia.


#getnekkid is a growing movement of women who have awoken the sexy, confident woman within them and have discovered a new way of life, the right way of life. Leave your self-criticism behind and discover what makes you shine! Book a session with me and join the #getnekkid community. Join the movement, shed your labels, leave your inhibitions behind, its time to embrace your curves and start loving yourself today!




I have a dream that if I can be brave, stand naked before my audience and believe that I am beautiful, my audience will be brave enough to stand naked before me and see their own beauty.

These are my scars, and I am beautiful because they made me the woman I am today.

 I’ll show you My Scars if you show me yours…

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