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I have so much to be thankful for this year, it’s been a rough year.. I’ve definitely had a roller coaster ride of a year we have tried out a few new people for our team before finding the right fit… and learned some hard lessons about being a nice person vs. being a business person. But overall it’s really been a great year I could have learned these lessons in a much more devastating way, and we ended up with the most amazing new team member! Everything happens for a reason and we are chugging along doing better than ever and venturing into even more new territory! I finally managed to move the Women 2 Women networking group online and it’s taken off quickly on FB if you are a woman in business who wants to share ideas with other women check us out!! I’m getting ready to unveil a new personal project keep an eye out for news about Positive Reflections – an organization for the promotion of positive self-esteem in our teenagers =). I am still looking for more fellow photographers, and other help if you are interested in participating in this new org drop me a line!

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ok… so I’m rambling.. shocker…

This year I’m thankful for:
1. My family, I have the must unbelievably frustrating and demanding husband who pushes me to be my best all the time;) The two most intelligent amazing and loving little girls in the whole world, and my mom who still thinks I’m crazy for working so hard all the time. But the all support me and make it possible for me to devote myself to getting this business off the ground and really taking it where I want to go with it (and if you know me… you know my sights are set HIGH!)

2. My team, Nicole, Cate, Grant and Morgen… you are four of the most amazing people I know, you keep me on track, you work your behinds off for far less pay than you deserve, you love my children, and you believe in me… There aren’t words of thanks enough for what you all do for me, for the time and effort you put into making this work. Our successes are possible because of your heart and I love you all to pieces for it, you are more than my team, you are my family as well.

3. My clients… no really my fellow professionals often ask how I do it.. and I have to give it up for the most amazing clients, your referrals and support mean the world. So many of you have become our friends over the past three years and it’s such an honor to get to be a part of your lives and know so many amazing families. And lets be real we have the most awesome clients out there, so many of you are like super duper Aurora Photography cheerleaders always promoting us and tooting the AP horn for us you have no idea how much I adore you all for being so awesome!

4. My Friends… goodness knows you have to listen to hours and hours of me talking about the business… other than my kids that is about all I have had to add to the conversation for the past 3 years. This year I’ve made some really amazing new friends who I’m not sure if I could have made it thru this year without!! Thanks for all the support and putting up with the lack of other subject matter =).

There is so much else I could list but I think I’m already getting long winded….. 😉

So… I want to say thanks to all of you with a great deal!

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  1. I am thankful for you too Aurora. =) <3

    The girls look so adorable in those pictures!! Looks like you guys had fun! Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Love you xoxox nicole

  2. Very fun post 🙂 I love the bandana bandit in the last shot!!

  3. What a beautiful family you have Aurora! Lots to be thankful for! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, I am a big fan of your work! 🙂

  4. thank you for your sweet words on our bloggy 🙂 the shots in the kitchen made us smile big! just beautiful!!!

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