I Want a Boudoir Body – 30 Day challenge…

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Ok so I’m really tired of looking like I had kids… I have zero time and I don’t take care of myself at all, I don’t feed myself until late afternoon and I stay up until all unholy hours of the evening.

For the next 30 days that nonsense is going to stop… I am going to find at least 30 min EVERY SINGLE DAY to exercise 20 min of cardio at a minimum and some area specific work. I am also going to journal my food. Now remember I SUCK at doing things for myself, I put myself so far down on the list really it’s pathetic but I’m going to go ahead and conquer this one with your help see I know that there are those of you out there like myself who look at the beautiful boudoir work that myself  and so many other wonderful photographers out there are shooting and think… ughhh I wish…

Well I wish no more… I’m going to be rooming with a wonderful lady Named Elena Hernandez for the Mystic 5 convention Jan 3-5th, and she suggested doing a boudoir shoot during our off hours and I decided no more… I am going to wish no more, I’m going to get my rear in gear and just do it!! I mean how many times am I going to get that kind of offer 😉  Now I’m not going to suggest that in 30 days I will be where I would like to be ideally, but I know after 30 days of working out, taking care of me and eating right I’ll be feeling great and that’s what really matters 😉

So here’s how this is going to work: I’m going to make a commitment to you that I’m going to do it every day that I’m going to post about it, and you all are going to do this with me because I have made a promise to you to keep you motivated for the 30 days I will feel obligated and guilty and will therefore take care of myself… (Creative problem solving for the moderately dysfunctional 😉

Feeling it?  Want to join in on the fun?  CLICK HERE to join the FB group and play along!  (don’t worry I’m sure I’ll update here at least once a week!)

Still need a little inspiration??

I’m going to  Glue this to my Refrigerator door! 😉IMG_3896

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  1. Around the holidays? I salute you!!

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