Jumping in… Feet First

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It’s been a long time since I have blogged, a VERY long time.  My life got turned a lil upsideown for a while  and I had to take a step back.  I’ve been contemplating how to jump back in, and came to the conclusion that I wanted my first post to be about coming home again.  Then, I thought about it and thought about it and it became kinda overwhelming to put into words what it’s meant to come home again and how I feel about being back in Bethel.  As I qued up these pictures this morning for my friend Tony’s Birthday… I decided that this was the place to start. These are my friends, Tony and Sarah.  This wasn’t any fancy shoot, I had a camera body and two lenses with me… no lights.  I was after all undercover.  Tony and Sarah had discussed getting engaged, she knew he was going to ask, in fact she’d been waiting pretty patiently anticipating when he’d ask at every move for months.  Tony had told her “sometime this spring”  and it was now about 4 days till summer. (Yes ladies she showed incredible restraint not killing him at this point I’m sure we agree.)  They went for a walk and a few places along the trail Sarah thought, if he is gonna do it he’d ask me here, and paused to tie her shoe 😉  They kept walking and Sarah let down her guard and said to herself, not today.  As they came around a corner to the opening where the reservoir is she spotted a sign that said “WILL YOU” and turned to point out to Tony, that someone was going to be proposed to, as she turned she realized he was on one knee, and nearly fell over.  I believe she said “Get out!!” and they both shed some tears of joy.  They share a hug and she peeks over his shoulder and points… “Um, Tony there’s some freak over there watching us with their camera” and I see her point so I put up my hand and wave… and she freaks out again realizing that I just got it all!!  I had to take them back to the car and make Sarah take of her white t-shirt and put on something more fitted and well.. NOT WHITE.  We snuck back onto the trails for a few day of engagement pictures, no fancy gear really not much posing but the most oozing sticky sweet obvious love.  If I hadn’t come home, I never would have been there for this day, and I’d be missing out on two really wonderful incredible friends, who as is happened were hugely responsible for making my amazing wedding happen later that year.   I love you guys, I love watching you love each other, and I love getting to be a part of it all with you.  Happy Birthday Mr. Swiftiscalco 😉

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