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I am still here just been very busy lots and lots going on and I’ll be working on catching up with the blog while I try to keep up with this years summer season, it’s insane! Stay tuned while I work on getting caught up so much has been going on here the last month or two and the kids are home for the summer so I’m trying to find a little balance and remember why I started this business in the first place…

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve taken some time away from the net… and well quite frankly from work in general(well more than normal ok!) It’s time for me to slow down a little and find some balance.

I started this business so I could always be home with my kids and over the last two and a half years the business has taken more and more of my time as it has grown far beyond my expectations and possibly even my wildest dreams who ever thought Two and a half years in I’d be working at this full time, running a networking group, photography group, still coordinating and shooting for NILMDTS, teaching photography and business classes and doing the SAHM thing… (wow now that I wrote that all out it’s no wonder I’m totally exhausted 24/7) I’m also going to try to stay more updated on the blog by taking a new approach to my blogging, and talk more about my personal life….. I know my stalkers are all jumping for joy, and my family just got really nervous. I’ve long said that it’s not just my prowess behind the little digital magic maker (camera), but the person I am that brings in the clients who are now a part of our “Family”, so why not just bleed a little more of me out into cyber space… right?

Ok so I’ll start by telling you all what’s been the sand in my knickers lately… It’s been an UHHH MAAAAYYY ZING year…. but also a very trying year here at the old AP… we learned that when you begin to grow you have something other people want, and also that having what people want makes you vulnerable, to all sorts of unpleasantness. We learned that not everyone who seems like they are your friend really is. ( I know this seems like simple stuff but you see I really do try to see the best in everyone me and my rosy tinted glasses…) But we also learned that at the core of this business there is love, and family and that it is not the outside world who determines our success, its our inner strength and passion, the foundation upon which I based this business in the first place. Look I’m gonna be real frank, I’m not EVERYONE’s favorite person… nor do I have any desire at all to be everyone’s favorite person. I do not measure my success in the number of people who think I’m totally awesome. (I’m not going to lie it is nice to hear lol) Nor do I measure myself worth by the number of people who think I’m not (believe it or not I hear plenty of that too). I am who I am, I’m not perfect, and I have flaws… believe me my husband could make you a list ;)… But it is all of the things that I am, that are what makes me who I am. There is a ying for every yang, an opposing side to the coin.

For my 30th birthday I gave myself the gift of freeing myself from the constraints of worrying about what everyone else thinks of me, and it was an incredible liberation. I’m not even considering going back. I’m sorry to disappoint any haters and naysayers out there, I’m not going to close my doors or go home and cry because you don’t think I’m Amazing… what’s important is that I do, my friends do and my clients do. I’m passionate, it makes me a great photographer, and a great friend and a great mother… yes you read right GREAT!!, but it also means that I’m equally passionate when someone hurts me… flip-side to the coin part of the package deal… Would you really expect it to be any other way, I am afterall human, I’m not a super hero, I’m just another person out here making my way thru life like you. Aren’t we all really plagued by this same curse? Don’t our greatest strengths also have another side to them….

Today’s message: The things you like least about other people are often the flip side to the things you like most about them, and the people who annoy us most in life often do so because they remind us of what we do not like about ourselves. Take this into consideration and try not to judge one another to harshly…. mmm kay?

And as a side note… thank you to all my wonderful friends and supporters and amazing clients whom have become a part of the heart and soul of my business over the last 2.5 years… you rock my world and you remind me regularly that it’s the simple things in life that are worth living for!

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