La La’s Second Baby Bump

Posted By on Jul 17, 2009 | 0 comments

Many of you will probably recognize my girlfriend Laura, as her first baby bump has been all over my website and her now 2 year old daughter is one of our favorite subjects here at the ole Aurora Photography. As Laura tells me she is already feeling like a whale.. I think it was a whale, she was dreading her belly session and tried to talk me into doing it at like 20 weeks ha ha ha… you’re funny LA… Anyway to keep it simple and easy we decided to take the children with us to the beach and just get some shots of the baby bump while we were there… I’ll probably expose m’dear Laura’s belly one more time before her baby boy makes his way into the world but this session was so different from what we did with Kiera’s baby bump it was a lot of fun.. and in some ways VERY LA!.. (secretly she’s a diva and she loves all the attention… or maybe not so secretly)

La. Thank you for always being one of my most lovely models who will do whatever I ask you to even if you do make bodily threats toward me while you comply. Love you girl can’t wait for baby #2 to get here!

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