Lady L – a lingerie/fashion shoot?

Posted By on Sep 9, 2009 | 0 comments

So our Lovely Lady L contacted me thru Facebook, yes really it is the ultimate networking tool is it not? Anyway she was getting ready to leave for college and had seen some of my other work and was hoping I had time to squeeze her in for a session before she left, and of course I made a space for her 😉 Since she works at Victoria’s Secret and has a HUGE collection of Lingerie we decided to take it out for a spin, and break out of the standard and take her sexy wardrobe out into the open… yes we were in a state park in Washington, on the side of Route 202 in front of a closed shop and even in my own driveway. I had a really fun day with our Lady L and even took her out for a fun photo play date with a friend the following week. Check out Miss L in action! Gotta admit after having kids I really wish I’d taken a little more time to celebrate my own body when it was more shapely =)

Make with the clicker HERE to see her cheeky slideshow! (give it a few minutes it’s loading still )

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