Sandy Hook Elementary School Vigil in Bethel

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I know the world is buzzing right now with the story of the unthinkable tragedy that took place in Newtown at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday… but here, next door it feels incredibly surreal.  These are our neighbors, our friends and our family.  Our town’s children take dance and gymnastics with children from Newtown, we compete with them in sports and we share a familiar sense of small town pride with our neighbors in Newtown.  On Friday as mothers and fathers we gathered to be together as we watched the news and sat helpless as even our own children were in lockdown due to the events in our sister town.  By Saturday A.M. we were collectively in shock, wanting to hold each other tight, and wishing to reach out to our friends and neighbors in Newtown and show them we care.  Sometime around 10 or 11 A.M. my friends began posting that we needed to do something… and we began to plan a candle light vigil here in Bethel to remember those who are no longer here and honor them by coming together as a community and holding onto one another during this difficult time.   And so we began planning a Sandy Hook Elementary School Vigil in Bethel.  I forever tout that I come from the greatest place on earth… and that the people here are nothing short of amazing,  but last night as I photographed the details and turned out to the crowd as they began to light their candles my eyes filled with tears.  What I saw moved me and I don’t know that a single photograph that I took last night can do it justice,  but I tried anyway.   Dear Residents of Bethel,   thank you for being incredible, thank you for being genuinely beautiful people who want to help and give back we engage in many many different charities during the year and you are always behind us helping us make more for those who have less…. I am grateful to call this my home town and I am humbled by your ability to care for others.   Dan Gaita, Erin Gaita, and Kristen Angell, thank you so very much for all your hard work for reaching out and for including me in the process like you I needed to be doing something… anything to help  last night the healing process began by holding one another and shedding tears together I am honored to call you my friends.

PLEASE FORGIVE THE DISARRAY OF THE BLOG…. we are currently rebuilding the site and I’m not super tech savvy so it’s a work in progress…  I’m getting there… slowly…. if you are smarter than me and want to help let me know!


Also if you’d like to view more images from last nights Vigil in Bethel you can see them here :Aurora Photography FB Gallery – Bethel’s Candlelight Vigil


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