Sandy Hook Tribute Video: Aurora Photography, a 2AM visit to Sandy Hook

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Last night at 2 AM after a long day with the vigil in Bethel and spending time with the friends who put the event together celebrating a job well done and giving each other some extra hugs… I crawled into my bed and flipped on the heating pad… I pulled the ipad into my lap because well… frankly I am having trouble getting to sleep and I don’t know what else to do with myself but to connect with my fellow mom’s online about how heartbroken we are for our friends and neighbors.  Then I get a message on my business page from my good friend April she says (at 2 something in the morning)


And so I went… we went in the wee hours of the am… off to visit Sandy Hook.   April’s children attend school in Newtown and are therefor also very involved in the community there as well as Bethel… we visited the sites where letters and candles were lit.. we drove to Southbury to photography their Hope Luminaries…. we pulled over on the side of 84 to photograph the additional 27 flags added to one that’s always been there…. We rang all 27 bells hanging in the tree for each of the little angels.  I really wanna offer something profound and eloquent here but honestly the words for this elude me.  I do what I do for a living because I’ve always found the arts a more comfortable way to express myself, especially putting images to music… so here’s my best attempt to express what we saw and how I’m feeling.  I have offered and have gotten a ton of support from other professionals to help provide slideshows and prints etc to these families… it seems we may not get our offer to them in time to do this for their memorial services but I’m sure the families would appreciate prints and wall hangings and memorial videos of their beautiful children at anytime… in the meantime we do what we can to show them we are here supporting them and loving them.  We have created a page for ongoing community fundraising and support as the weeks and months continue and the rest of the world goes back to “normal” .   To our Friends, Family and Neighbors… WE WILL BE HERE!  when the news trucks have all gone home and the nations eye turns away we will still be here to hold you in our arms, and help you heal, a year from now, 10 years from now and even beyond that.  We are here for you, whatever you need.
I hope you  like the Sandy Hook Tribute Video I created with these images.  To join our efforts for ongoing support for our friends and neighbors please join our FB Group  Love from your community for the victims of the Newtown Tragedy

Sandy Hook Support Fund

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