Sandy Hook – a year later

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I’m not really sure what to say today, this day weighs so heavily in my heart.  Today instead of being sad I set out to make new memories for two other families with a studio session this morning and a visit to a Newtown family this afternoon in the middle of a snow storm… today was about making new memories.  Who would have known that my oldest and I would be involved in a bit of an accident on the way home in the storm.  (Totally minor no one was hurt although the car who caused it drove away and fled the scene).  It was again a reminder about what truly matters.


Today is all we have, tomorrow is not a guarantee… it’s simply EXTRA.  Today my oldest and I made memories for two other families while my youngest and her Step Father did some Holiday shopping.  I reflected with two very lucky parents whose children attend one of the two other Elementary School’s in Newtown.  We talked about what really matters, about not waiting to make memories or do special things we talked about how you can’t take money with you all you have is the imprint you left on others.  Today we left an imprint on a rock wall 😉  and hopefully two other families who will now have some photo to remember that today we chose to let love win.


Here after long last is the last of my images from last year’s vigils… the Newtown Vigil and some images from the memorials at the entrance of SHES and downtown Sandy Hook… just before they dismantled them all last year.  It was very hard to look at them now, it was a way for me at the time to absorb all that was going on when I was in a place where I had to sort of shut down my emotions to get thru.  I spent many a night last year in Sandy Hook, singing, photographing, hugging laughing sharing love.

I hope a year later they know I’m still very much dedicated to helping them move forward.  Honestly the strength of our community as kept us all going, Newtown might be our neighbor but they are also our family.  I am proud to share these images with music by Bethel’s own Wendy Pinko Cahill (owner of Molten Java)  one of the great things about being from a small New England town is that we really are family and we feel things together.  Thank you Wendy for sharing, I know it’s been a long time coming I hope you like what I did with your song.



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