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Part of the idea with the #getnekkid movement is that we shed the veils that we protect ourselves with and stand in our own truth.  The only way to change the world for our daughters and sisters is to change ourselves.  We are our own worst enemies, pretending to have it all together.


Happiness is not in having it all together, it’s in accepting that you may never, and that success is simply doing your best.  I’m just an ordinary girl, who isn’t afraid to say that sometimes being a woman hurts.  Perhaps if we could all put down our egos and our walls we could change the landscape for womankind.

These are my scars, they were once painful but they are now healed, the scars will always stay with me as they are my lessons, my struggles and my victories.  I need not cloak them for I am not ashamed, I am content with the person I’ve become, and in doings so they have become my trophies.


My Scars –

How I became the woman I am, and why I’m a CT Boudoir Photographer,I believe in what I do!

#getnekkid isn’t about being naked.  #getnekkid about baring everythingabout yourself, to yourself,

and accepting it as who you are, and that you are beautiful.

Everyone’s life is a story. It’s the source of their joys, and their scars,and their curves. These are mine……

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  I am raising my girls to learn how to live in that scary world that I muddled through.  I can only teach them to be brave, fight for what they want, believe in themselves and not define their worthiness or beauty by anyone else’s standard. To succeed, I must live by my own rules and let them see it. I am aware of my flaws. I spend my days reminding other people that the things that make them different make them beautiful, and I say it to myself every morning.

I dream that if I can be brave, stand naked before my audience and believe that I am beautiful, my audience will be brave enough to stand naked before me and see their own beauty.

These are my scars, and I am beautiful because they made me the woman I am today.

#feelbeautiful  #getnekkid


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