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Yes, my world is still spinning me around this year has been a most incredible whirlwind and it just isn’t stopping.  I decided to take a little time off, I need to rest man…. I need to rest.  I can’t believe how many people we worked with this year!  I have been running at a marathon pace since the end of August, and while January is traditionally a slower month it’s shaping up to be a pretty exciting month already and we’re just getting started.

I’ll be going away to the Mystic 5 Conference in Mystic, Connecticut from Jan 2-6th and will be closing the office for that time, I will also be out of the office all day on January 7th and preparing for a Bridal show on the 10th at the Ethan Allen inn, so be patient with me ok?? lol

While I wont be seeing any clients until the 7th of January I will be seeing lots of beautiful ladies for and incredible day of boudoir sessions, in a beautiful luxury suite! (there are two openings left if you are interested get in touch with us ASAP! ($250 includes your session and a 5×5 mini album)

While I’m trying to work a little less and spend some time with my kids, I’m working on some housekeeping around here so I can be ahead of the game at some point this year instead of having to keep up this fly by the seat of your pants pace.  There are so many exciting things we have in the works for 2010 I can’t wait to share , and it of course has my head spinning so many things to prepare for!!  My creative brain needs to breathe a little, and I need a little more quality time with my kids, so I will be putting a cap on the number of bookings I take on a weekly and Monthly basis, which will mean it’s more important than ever for you to book ahead we have been booked at least 2 weeks out on average so plan on 3 to be safe!  I am getting ready to share the 2010 Academy class and workshop schedule for the first quarter, and I’ll be offering a Digital basics for High School and College Students with a student rate;)  We are hosting an all day Wedding Lighting workshop on January 27th at the New Haven Lawn Club, where we’ll be running more than one wedding theme thru an entire day where we’ll take time to discuss all type’s of lighting options, ambient, strobe, bounced etc, what type of lighting I would choose and why.  All the participants to have an opportunity to work with the models hands on ask me questions, work hands on with my lighting gear and collaborate with others! (Cost is $350 and includes two meals, I will be taking a limited number of participants to register please e-mail us at news@aurora-photography.net for more information)

ughhh yeah… so I think I just turned a little blogging into a to do list… well, there’s a little sneak peek into what’s going on around here in 2010 as you can see since I’m back in August in my bloggings still I need to get caught up around here with the behind the scenes stuff so I can find the time to show you all the amazing stuff we did in 2009 that I haven’t shared  yet.  And I have a new years post of sorts in the works with my “Resolutions”  I’ll get to later tonight since it took me all night last night to write this one and then I forgot to post it… ahhh Mystic can’t wait to get away for a few days where it’s Quiet!

No Picture… I know I know… I suck! =P

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