The Rhanda Show… a fashion session

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Rhanda is a lovely talented young woman who also happens to work for a photographer, and is a fellow photographer!!! I met the lovely Miss Rhanda thru Facebook and some mutual acquaintances from the CPPA. She was commenting on my work and called herself a FAN and I just about fell over…. no really I have a fan… not like ohh I have fans for my Facebook Page… but a real life fan??? Can’t be true I’ll have to meet this young lady, and as you can see she is STUNNING so I just had to have her in front of my lens no doubt! So when I was making arrangements for a little play date with the talented Mr. David Apuzzo I thought I’d ask her to come along!! Her boss was excited for her and gave her the day off how awesome is that!! Rhanda… mmm mmm mmmm giiiirl you look FINE!!! I am just in awe you would never suspect that you were nervous, we talked quite a bit while we shot and I know that this beautiful young lady doesn’t feel as beautiful as she is so I picked out a little song for her gallery which loved so here it is with her slideshow!!


  1. Well Aurora, since I have meet you and seen your work I have enjoyed your view on life and the way you see through your lens, you have indeed captured Rhanda and her beauty… well done on both your parts!

  2. My dear Aurora,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel as beautiful as I could. You took your time with me, getting to know me more, you put me at ease which translated into your beautiful images. It’s not about who can take a picture, it’s about who can see into someone else & bring to light the beauty that is often unnoticed. You have an incredible talent & I am proud to call you my friend. I am a fan! I will always be, not only of your work, but of you as a person. You have a magnetic personality & a genuinely bubbly, happy way about you. I truly cannot thank you enough….how do you thank someone for something so huge, how do you show appreciation to someone who made you feel something so precious? You know, body image in today’s young girls is a huge deal, something that is battled with on a daily basis, something that I battle with on a daily basis, & for a moment in time while I was looking at the pictures you took of me, I got to take a hiatus from a pain that is very personal….priceless. You are an amazing, talented photographer Aurora. You are an amazing, talented woman as well. Someone, once again, I am proud to say- “yeah, that cool chick over there, see her? She’s my friend!” You rock girlfreind & you know it!! I can’t wait to get together with you again rockstar!!!! From the bottom of my heart- thank you!!!

  3. These Rock! Wonderful job on both your parts. Flattering poses, dramatic lighting, and great expression. You go girls!!

  4. Stunning!! Rhanda is a beauty and Aurora Rocks!!

  5. Rockin photo shoot Roo…I especially LOVVVE the eye make up!! You look beautiful Rhanda.

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