An Alternative to the Craptacular School Portrait

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It’s not  a secret that no one looks good in school pictures.  I’ve had my share of terrible school pictures.  There was my first grade picture where I was wearing a dress and sitting in the front row….no one bothered to tell me I wasn’t closing my legs enough, so you can see my underwear in the pictures…  And now, even after modeling for Aurora, my senior picture managed to come out horribly as well.  The photographers rush you; and it’s never your real smile, and what’s with those poses…?

pick up your chin, look right at my finger, turn your head a little more…..

So we decided we should do something to help.  If you have one child, and bring us his/her’s portrait package options that the school gives you, we will match the price and do it better!! Your child will still need to take their picture for the yearbook, but instead of buying the crappy pictures and sending them to family, come here and send your family pictures of your child being and looking like themselves!!

If you have two children and bring us the package pricing for two packages, we’ll match the price and do a family portrait session for you!!  We’ll even do it on location for you!!! So bring us your package pricing sheet and schedule today because we’re already booking up for the fall!!

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