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I’m a little rusty at this blogging thing, here I am trying to be sure I do all the right things for business like mention that this is Westchester County Wedding Photography, tag all the appropriate vendors and then think of some witty banter to describe the incredible details, but  I really can’t focus on this post as I should be writing it for business purposes because these two are family to me.  I simply want to gush about these people that I adore having the most incredible and beautiful wedding.   I don’t always put my hat in the ring when I hear someone I know has gotten engaged; working for your friends is not always easy. I have been slowing down how many weddings I take on personally over the last few years to spend more time with my family and really enjoy the process with the clients I do accept personally. I am so grateful that they asked me to be their photographer because I simply cannot imagine not photographing this day for these two amazing people who are truly beautiful amazing people inside and out.   I have never really thought of myself as a Westchester Wedding Photographer but I have to say I think we knocked this one out of the park!

Now that I’ve already told you that I just love these two lets go back in time a bit, say to the night that Monica and Todd met.

Let me set the stage, Monica and I are having a girls night. You know those nights where you swear you are never dating again and that you only need each other in fact she even gave me a ring! We were off to a wonderful Thelma and Louise style evening when we realized we were looking pretty snazzy and we should probably go out dancing for a bit and not waste all that hotness we were rockin. I’m pretty sure when we announced we were going out I heard the Danbury dating scene tremble with fear!

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 7.00.03 PM

Ha ha ha well maybe not, but we were definitely out to blow off some steam and do a little dancing.

As Monica and I were walking in to the bar to dance, Todd was with a friend and was walking out.  Monica caught his eye and he spun right back around and came in to take his best shot.  I have to say I’m grateful Todd’s friends were good company because I’m pretty sure we became invisible to our friends pretty quickly as the night seemed to slip away from them dancing and laughing and talking.  I have such crazy fond memories of repeating this outing on several more occasions with my now husband and these two crazy characters. Now Monica was my friend before Todd, but he’s not just my friend’s husband, he’s also a full on partner in crime. I can tell you that he enjoys a nice hot McDonald’s French fry dipped in a parfait at 1:30 in the am after a night of dancing and drinking, he can handle the force that is Monica better than anyone I’ve ever met, and he is happy to embarrass himself for a laugh. I couldn’t wish for a better compliment for my friend who’s strong and witty and also not afraid to be the fool if it’s for the good of a laugh. It’s always a good time with these two, genuinely fun, adventurous people who also happen to have huge hearts and be super loyal friends.

A meme of the 4 of us would say something like, “we don’t always hang out together, but when we do the photographs might be referred to as evidence.”

My husband Scott and I started dating literally but a week after these two and the four of us have had some really great times together just being well, ourselves.

Now I have to say I was a little upset that when Todd pulled off the most epic proposal of all time I wasn’t invited to photograph it, I mean proposal at the Eiffel Tower Big, I want to go to Paris, I could have hid in your luggage!!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 6.54.21 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 6.54.47 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 6.55.00 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 6.55.13 PM

I was beyond thrilled when upon returning home and making the rounds they asked me if I’d be interested in being their photographer, while being sure I’d be able to do that and also enjoy being a guest at their wedding.   Not only do I love these two to death, but also Monica has the most impeccable taste and eye for detail and neither of them is hard on the eyes.   Being in a field where creativity and details collide herself, Monica was by far the easiest friend I’ve ever had for a client, we did business like business people and drank champagne like friends.  As the last couple weeks arrived I started to feel a little nervous myself, this was going to be the magical fairytale Monica had always dreamed of if I had anything to do with it! I don’t really get nervous for weddings after 8 years, but on that day I felt the pressure to make MAGIC happen.

(Don’t worry I did)

There is something about that old world feel of the beautiful Westchester Venue that they chose, the Old Oaks Country Club sort of made you feel like you were living in an old movie. Every last teeny tiny beautiful detail had been thought of, as I knew it would be.   Monica couldn’t possibly be a more detailed planner and of course nothing went as expected but she didn’t let that dull the sparkle of her day she threw caution to the wind and just marched forward.

As the clouds darkened and the threat of rain came at their beautifully decorated outdoor ceremony everyone was hiding out in the clubhouse waiting to seen if the rain would pass, and for a moment it seemed as if perhaps it had. As the ceremony began the skies were grey, as they began their vows the rain really started to come down.

Right about now is when you’d expect most people to freak out right? Not these two they just laughed about the rain and went right on with their ceremony. It seemed fitting to me that they start their life together as man and wife, not waiting for the storm to come… but dancing in the rain. That’s just who they are.

It was such an incredible honor to be a part of their special day and what a treat to have so many beautiful thoughtfully put together details to photograph, what a treat to have such incredibly beautiful clients who are also my dear friends. I have found myself telling people more than once that of all the things I enjoy photographing at a wedding, it’s not the stuff you spend money on that really gets me, it’s the people. My favorite weddings to photograph are those where both families couldn’t be happier for their loved ones and the tears and laughs and hugs and insanity pours from every moment of the day. 20 years from now when they look back at their wedding pictures I don’t want them to say we looked beautiful, I want their wedding pictures to put a lump in their throat and take them back to the emotion of their special day.

Thank you two for having me and the dream team, thank you to your families for raising some really excellent human beings that are such good friends to Scott and I. Thank you all for allowing us to capture the joy, and intimacy and love that you and your families share.

Because I just couldn’t choose a few I created a crazy slideshow for them that I shared with them and then forced them to keep secret till I finished the blog post (they’ve been waiting almost two weeks so patiently to share)

I suggest you watch the slideshow first and then leaf thru the gazillion pictures in this blog post of Monica and Todd’s Old Oaks Country Club Wedding in Purchase, NY  There are a LOT of pictures and I couldn’t narrow them down much more than I did so… well enjoy my indecision!

Totally worth waiting for it to load in HD!!

Todd and Monica 4.26.14 Old Oaks Country Club, Aurora Photography from Aurora Photography on Vimeo.

And lets not forget the fantastic cast and crew  chosen by the lovely bride who helped make this all happen:

Westchester Wedding Photography –  Aurora Photography, Bethel CT

Wedding Venue – Old Oaks Country Club, Purchase NY

Cake By Lulu Cake Boutique

Hair Sytlist – Jessica Sasso

Makeup Artist – Like Flutter For Lashes – Makeup by Lindsey Gallagher

Westchester Florist – Lee Vazquez Floral Design

Wedding DJ – Guy Wilson

Dress Enzoani Blue Collection

Cocktail Hour Band – Echoes of Sinatra

Photo Booth – Memories Begin Here

Tent and Lighting – Durkin’s Inc, of Danbury CT

Guest Accommodations – Doral Arrowwood

Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0007Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0026Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0008Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0031Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0032Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0027 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0009Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0013 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0010 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0030Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0011Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0029 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0012 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0028Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0043Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0033Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0041Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0042 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0014Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0044Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0034Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0037Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0039Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0040Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0038Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0036Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0035

Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0045 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0046 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0061Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0047Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0048 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0049 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0050 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0051

Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0065 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0066 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0067 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0068 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0069 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0062Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0052Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0063Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0064Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0053Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0057Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0055Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0054Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0056Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0015Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0019Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0020

Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0071 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0072 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0073 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0074 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0075 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0076 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0077 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0078 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0079Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0022

Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0059 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0060Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0058

Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0023Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0016Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0017Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0018 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0021Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0024 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0025

Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0080 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0081 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0082 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0083 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0084 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0085 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0086 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0087 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0088 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0089 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0090Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0070 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0091 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0092 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0093 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0094 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0095 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0096 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0097 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0098 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0099 Westcheter-wedding-old-oaks-countryclub-aurora-photography-CT_0100

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