WPPI 2014 Happy Video – We are so winning at life!

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So on our flight out Marisa Balletti-Lavoie and I watched the video for Pharrell’s Happy music Video about a bazillion times and danced in our seats.  I said to Marisa “I think we should make our own!”  to which she immediately answered “YESSSSS” and so it began as an inspired idea on our plan ride to WPPI 2014 Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We were some busy girls while in Vegas, I did a boudoir exchange with fellow photographer Sarah Witherington of  OWN Boudoir,


we ventured off to Creative Live as Lou Freeman’s guests to hear her talk about creating fantasy works.


On Tuesday We spent a whole day on the convention floor assaulting anyone we wanted to meet (and they thoroughly enjoyed it just ask them) passing out our cool SWAG – “Buttons and Condoms and Business Cards OHH MY!”

only to return on Wednesday with the sole mission of making them BOOGIE DOWN for us!


We came to WPPI with Mission #1 GET NOTICED – I think perhaps we managed to Succeed!

 Now follow us going forward for more fun and antics #teamwork is the name of the game folks!  Marisa played paparazzi and I played fluffer.  Yes I said fluffer… I’m silly and a little naughty at times ;).

Now I’m gonna go sleep for the next week 😉  See you all again next year I hope!

Connecticut Photographer Aurora Photography and Sassy Mouth Photography take Vegas by storm and launch a full tilt assault on the #WPPI2014 Trade show.

someecards.com - You wanna tell 'em we like presents? or should I?

Here are some pictures from our Adventures at WPPI Courtesy of Sassy Mouth Photo!

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